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Research Interests

  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Human-Robot Collaboration
  • Motion/Manipulation Planning


2019 –            Northeastern University, Ph.D. Candidate in Khoury College of Computer Sciences

  • Ongoing research on Deep Reinforcement Learning and Human-Robot Interaction
  • GPA: 4.0 / 4.0
  • Advisor / Co-advisors: Robert Platt / Lawson Wong, Timothy Bickmore

2017 – 2019   Middle East Technical University (METU), Ph.D. Studies in Computer Engineering Department – Continued Ph.D. studies in the USA

  • Research on Human-Robot Interaction/Collaboration
  • GPA: 3.75 / 4.0
  • Advisor: Erol Şahin

2015 – 2017   Middle East Technical University (METU), Ph.D. Candidate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering – Dropped at own will to change research field

  • Intended to focus on Control Strategies for Robotic Systems
  • GPA: – / 4.0
  • Advisor: Tayfun Akin

2012 -2015    Middle East Technical University (METU), M.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

2007 -2012     Middle East Technical University (METU), B.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • GPA: 2.93 / 4.0

Research Experience

2019 –             PhD Researcher Robotics, Northeastern University Khoury College of Computer Sciences

  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Transfer Learning

2016 – 2019    PhD Researcher Robotics, METU-EEE, METU-CENG, METU Kovan Lab.

  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Human-Robot Collaboration
  • User Studies and Statistical Methods
  • Deep Learning
  • Developmental Psychology

2016    Visiting Researcher (Sep. to Dec.), MIT-LIDS, Sertac Karaman’s Group

  • Navigation, Autonomous Drones, Agile Flight

2012 – 2015    Masters’ research, Inertial Measurement Systems, METU-EEE, METU-MEMS

  • Micromechanical accelerometer and closed‑loop capacitive readout circuit design
  • Automation of the characterization test setups for micro-accelerometers
  • Measurement-based post-fabrication characterization of capacitive micro‑sensors
  • Digital signal processing
  • Analog/digital PCB design

Selected Academic Projects

2020    User studies on the effect of sub-optimal behavior on HRI (w/ Dr. Tim Bickmore)

2018 – 2019    User studies on human-robot interaction (Published on HRI 2020)

2018    Collaboration Security Watchdog: A standalone ROS-based security watchdog which runs on Raspberry Pi to monitor and secure the human-robot collaboration. (Published on ToRK 2018)

2017    Funded TUBITAK Project: Designing and developing an assistive/collaborative robotic system to work on factory floor in close proximity to humans (ongoing project)

2015    Design and Implementation of a 5.5 µg/√Hz Closed‑Loop MEMS Accelerometer, Master’s Thesis Project, Advisor: Tayfun Akin

2015    Implementation of Path-Planning Algorithms within the Curriculum, Course: Robot Motion Planning and Control, taught by Uluc Saranli

2011 – 2012    An Autonomous Robot that Can Climb a Vertical Wall, Undergraduate Thesis Project, Best design project award

2012    Designed a 0.6u CMOS rail-to-rail Band-Gap Reference IC with bias stability, Course: Analog Integrated Circuits, taught by Haluk Kulah

2011    Designed a 0.6u CMOS Phase Locked Loop locked at 10MHz, Course: Digital Integrated Circuits, taught by Tayfun Akin

Work Experience

2019 –             Research Assistant, Northeastern University Khoury College of Computer Sciences

  • Reinforcement Learning, Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction

2019    Technical Consultant, Proven Information Technologies Co. Ltd. (6 Months)

  • Robotic test systems R&D

2017 – 2019    Researcher, METU Kovan Research Laboratory

  • Safe Human-Robot Collaboration on the Factory Floor
  • Collaborative Furniture Assembly

2012 – 2016    Scientific Project Expert, METU-MEMS Research and Applications Center, Inertial Measurement Units Group – ANKARA

  • High Performance Closed‑Loop Accelerometers

2012    Part Time Engineer, ASELSAN, Microelectronics Group – ANKARA

  • Embedded Test and Characterization Systems Design

2011    Intern, ASELSAN, Microelectronics Group – ANKARA

  • Embedded Test and Characterization Systems Design

2010    Intern, Czech Technical University – PRAGUE

  • Development of Procedures for Measuring the Shielding Efficiency of Carbon-Composite Textiles

Honors / Awards

2018    Invited Speaker at Symposium on Human Robot Interaction at Middle East Technical University Informatics Institute (December 13)

2017    European Robotics Week host at Middle East Technical University Kovan Research Laboratory Link to the event page

2013    Worked as a technical advisor and team member in the award winning “Easy Guitar” project in the entrepreneurship competition “Yeni Fikirler Yeni Isler” in Turkey

2012    Awarded as the best project in senior students project fair with “An Autonomous Robot that Can Climb a Vertical Wall”

2008 – 2010    Listed in METU Honor Roll for 2 semesters

2008 – 2009    Listed in METU High Honor Roll for fall semester

2007    Ranked 287th among ~2 million students in the National University Entrance Exam

2007    Ranked 1st from Antalya Anatolian High School, Turkey

Academic Publications

2021    Y. Terzioglu, O. Aslan, B. Bolat, B. Bal, T. Tumer, F. C. Kurnaz, S. Kalkan, E. Sahin, APPRENTICE: Towards a Cobot Helper in Assembly Lines. ICRA2021 Workshop on Unlocking the Potential of HRC for Industrial Applications, June 2021.

2020    Y. Terzioglu, Bilge Mutlu, and Erol Şahin. Designing Social Cues for Collaborative Robots: The Role of Gaze and Breathing in Human-Robot Collaboration. In Proceedings of the 2020 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), March 2020.

2018    R. T. Sayre-McCord, W. Guerra, A. Antonini, J. Arneberg, A. Brown, G. Cavalheiro, Y. Fang, A. Gorodetsky, D. McCoy, S. Quilter, F. Riether, E. Tal, Y. Terzioglu, L. Carlone, and S. Karaman. Visual-inertial navigation algorithm development using photorealistic camera simulation in the loop. In IEEE Intl. Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), May, 2018.  Featured on MIT Tech News: Link

2018    F. C. Kurnaz, Y. Terzioglu, S. Buyukgoz, E. Sahin, ROS Tabanli Bagimsiz Guvenlik Bekcisi Modulu (A ROS-Based Standalone Security Watchdog Module), Turkiye Robotbilim Konferansi (ToRK) (National Conference on Robotics), Istanbul, Turkey, April, 2018.

2016    T. Kose, Y. Terzioglu, K. Azgin, and T. Akin, “A Single-Mass Self-Resonating Closed-Loop Capacitive MEMS Accelerometer,” IEEE Sensors Conference, pp. 1-3, Orlando, FL, USA, October, 2016.

2016    A. Aydemir, Y. Terzioglu, and T. Akin, “A New Design and a Fabrication Approach to Realize a High Performance Three Axes Capacitive MEMS Accelerometer,” Accepted, Sensors and Actuators A, April 2016.

 2015    Y. Terzioglu, T. Kose, K. Azgin, and T. Akin, “A Simple Out-of-Plane Capacitive MEMS Accelerometer Utilizing Lateral and Vertical Electrodes for Differential Sensing,” IEEE Sensors Conference, pp. 525-527, Busan, South Korea, November 1-4, 2015.

2015    T. Kose, Y. Terzioglu, K. Azgin, and T. Akin, “A Single Mass Two-Axis Capacitive MEMS Accelerometer with Force Rebalance,” 2015 IEEE Int’l Symposium on Inertial Sensors & Systems (ISISS 2015), pp. 1-4, Hapuna Beach, HI, USA, March 23-26, 2015.

2014    Y. Terzioglu, S.E. Alper, K.Azgin, T. Akin, “A capacitive MEMS Accelerometer Readout with Concurrent Detection and Feedback using Discrete Components”, in IEEE PLANS, April, 2014.

2010    Y. Terzioglu, “Scalar Measurement of Electromagnetic Shielding Efficiency of Carbon Textiles”, in Knowledge in Telecommunication Technologies and Optics (KTTO), December, 2010.

Selected Computer Skills

o   ROS o   MATLAB o   Eagle CAD
o   CMake o   SPSS/JMP o   Verilog
o   C/C++ programming o   SolidWorks o   Cadence
o   Pyhton o   Comsol o   Agilent Vee

Selected Hobbies / Interests

  • Performing Classical and Electric Guitar Player – Classical Guitar Teaching
  • Performing Bass Guitar Player – METU Big Band Jazz Orchestra
  • Advanced Rock Climber/Mountaineer – METU Mountaineering Society Executive Committee Chair
  • Advanced Skier and Snowboarder
  • Orienteering – Medalist
  • CMAS 1-Star Scuba Diver
  • Motorcyclist – Amateur Motorcycle Mechanic
  • Hobbyist in DIY Electronics, and Wood/Metal Crafts
  • Amateur Sailor

Turkish       Native

English       Fluent

French        Beginner 

Test Scores

TOEFL       100

IELTS        7.5

GRE           152/170/3.5