Via this website, I wanted to give the reader an insight about the way I think instead of making demonstrations of technical skills. This is why I chose to display some of my favorite home projects regardless of their technical complexity, and have presented them along with a story-like writing to create the impression of a conversation.

About Me Making

yunusI basically have always been into making since my early childhood years. Topics I have been involved since includes electronics, mechanics, musical instruments, wood/metal working for making either utility or artistic products, mechanical maintenance and repairs of a wide spectrum of items ranging from kids’ toys to high-end motorcycles. And if you get the chance to visit the village where my grandparents are from, you can still see functional pieces from the army of wooden stools in the courtyards, which I have crafted during my pre/primary school summers.

I have made my first toy electric car at the at the age of 9(ish) which was basically a composition of a scrap brushed DC motor with a screw gear, a broken-into-bits clockwork toy car, a 9V battery, scrap wires, and some tape. As simple as it sounds, I can confidently say that this is one of my favorite makes since it felt like it turned a switch on in my head and helped me understand how a gearbox works intuitively at that age, and I was always fascinated by machines since that very moment. Another moment I appreciate deeply is when I’ve heard the first meaningful word after listening to static for a while through my first DIY electronics device: A radio, which I’ve made at the age of 15. I believe, and do not hesitate to acknowledge, that what I do is to ‘make.’ Professional, academic or just for fun. So yes. I am that kind of a guy who can get goose bumps by looking at a 60-year-old carburetor, a well-cured oak wood or a 2-transistor oscillator.

On This Website

A selection of projects I have been involved in the recent years are demonstrated on the homepage. During the making of my home projects, I only use hand tools with an exception of a handheld drill. I guess I do so instead of looking for access to power tools because I find it soothing and meditative to work intensely using my hands.

In addition to this selection of home projects, I have added two more titles which I find relevant to this portfolio. In the first, I have presented our award-winning bachelor’s thesis project briefly (link) ; and in the second one, I have demonstrated a collection of some of my other interests, which are also actually projects of a rather different nature (link).

I hope you enjoy your every second looking through.

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  1. Hocam içten tebrik ediyorum, bugüne kadar gördüğüm en başarılı kişisel web sayfası. Başarılar çalışmalarınızda.


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