Miscellaneous Interests

I have always been and still am a very curious person. Most probably because of this, I have always been chasing for diversity throughout my life.

Below is a picture dump about some of my interests/activities.

Middle East Technical University Big Band in a new year’s concert. I played the bass.
I have been into singing after I got my first acoustic guitar about 4 years. Picture from a repeating summer project.
My first performance. Since then I have taken stage many times with various instruments.
An improvised jazz project we had going for about two years
My previous bike in an outline of my type of a day trip
From a camping event with my current bike
I have been snowboarding for more than 10 years with a background in skiing
A summit at Kackar mountains in summer
A wall climbing robot.
Two of the fish I bred in the theme picture “Tropheus Ilangi ‘negotiating’ over dominance.”
Featured cat picture of this website: Barbar chilling on the post I’ve made for him.


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